Music Engraving

Leslie D. Judd is an answer to a composer’s prayer!  She is, in my opinion, the perfect collaborator for the composer who needs professional layout for orchestra scores, piano scores, opera and choral scores, etc. She is sensitive, meticulous, methodical, caring and respectful in her approach to the music she is working with.

– Mary Watkins

Score Sampling:

Emmett Till Opera (2022) – Mary Watkins, composer & Clare Coss, Librettist

Sweet Woman (2018) – Cris Williamson, composer & Mary Watkins, arr.

Babe! An Olympic Musical (2017) – Andrea Jill Higgins, composer & Carolyn Gage, Book

The Initiate (2016) – Mary Watkins

A Rainbow Path (2012) – Kay Gardner

Ouroboros: Seasons of Life (1994) – Kay Gardner

Choose Life, Uvacharta Bachayim (1993) – Mona Lyn Reese, composer & Delores Dufner, OSB, Librettist