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Goldenrod was started in 1975 as a women’s music distribution company, selling CDs by artists like Holly Near, Sweet Honey in the Rock, Cris Williamson, Linda Tillery, Margie Adam and many many more. In addition to retail representation for Sweet Honey in the Rock, Goldenrod Music also sells at festivals and events and welcomes new projects.”

2022 NWMF Orchestra

Nia & Ness

“We are Nia & Ness, a Black, out-lesbian couple and performance art duo, whose work serves as a visual-auditory diary of our daily lives. We believe that it’s necessary for our specific stories, as Black Lesbian Women, to be shared, and it is our responsibility to share them.

Since officially starting our company in 2016, our work and love have transformed into something greater than the art and lives we initially dreamed of. We’d like to welcome you into our journey, invite you to sit or stand with us as we live, love, heal and grow.” –

Jamie Anderson is a singer, songwriter, musician, writer and teacher in Ottawa, Canada. She offers lessons in guitar, mandolin, and songwriting.

An Army of Lovers: Women’s Music of the ’70s and ’80s.
Now available from Bella Books.

“Jamie Anderson has caught the lightning and put it on the page.”
— Dorothy Allison

“A piece of lesbian history from the ‘girl with a guitar’ who truly sang for her supper. Jamie brings the road to you in color and out loud.”    –  Suzanne Westenhoefer

She’s opened for Holly Near, closed a church coffeehouse by saying “uterus” and danced with a tornado. From taking her shirt off for Amy Ray to housing with a pig, she’s always looking for the perfect gig.
With a delightful mix of horror road stories, fan girl name dropping and commentary on the people and times, Anderson describes the joys and travails of the touring circuit as she creates the music and stories of our lives.” – Goldenrod Music

“An extraordinary glimpse into the life of a touring musician.”  – Nancy Manahan

“Jamie’s as endlessly funny an entertainer on the page as on the stage.” – Lee Lynch

“She leads with her sense of humor and heart…”   – Lisa Koch

“Jamie’s journey is accurate and heartfelt. Thank you Jamie.” – Leslie D. Judd

Jamie Anderson, Deidre McCalla and Dianne Davidson comprise the group We Aren’t Dead Yet

Deidre McCalla

Photo © Irene Young

“Deidre McCalla came of age in the fiery blaze of NYC’s folk heyday – a time
when Greenwich Village clubs were filled with the likes of Dylan, Baez, and
Ochs; a time when Motown ruled the top of the charts and the streets of
America screamed with anger and civil unrest. Her first album, Fur Coats and Blue Jeans, was released when Deidre was 19 and a student at Vassar
College. With a theater degree tucked under her belt and an acoustic guitar
tossed in the back of a battered Buick station wagon, Deidre McCalla hit the
proverbial road and never looked back. Deidre later majored in jazz guitar at the Wisconsin Conservatory of Music and released three albums with the
pioneering women’s music label Olivia Records.
From Maui to Maine, college coffeehouses to Carnegie Hall, Deidre McCalla is a much beloved performer in both folk and women’s music circles and has shared the stage with a long list of notables that includes Suzanne Vega,
Tracy Chapman, Holly Near, Odetta, Cris Williamson, and Sweet Honey in the Rock. With five critically acclaimed albums to her credit, Deidre McCalla
remains the ever seeking road warrior, her words and music chronicling our strengths and weaknesses and celebrating the power and diversity of the human spirit.” – Press release bio

Dianne Davidson

Dianne Davidson
Davidson’s music – raw, rocking, sometimes gritty and upbeat, always gut-wrenching and emotive. – The Daily Californian “ Dianne Davidson actually gave me the chills.”

Dianne Davidson is an artist. A singer, songwriter, guitarist, performer, and producer, Dianne’s style and range escape categorization. Be it blues, rock, folk, or even reggae, Dianne Davidson performs with a robust intensity taking her listeners on a musical journey that few are likely to forget.

Born in West Tennessee, Dianne was a gifted and precocious child singing and writing songs at an early age and forming her first band at age eleven. At seventeen Davidson opted for an album in lieu of a diploma and fine tuned her school of rock education in settings as diverse as rowdy West Tennessee bars, California nightclubs, Greenwich Village listening rooms, major festivals, and, in time, Carnegie Hall.

Dianne Davidson has recorded five albums, toured as a member of Linda Ronstadt’s band, and has provided backing vocals for a host of major league performers such as B.B. King, Jimmy Buffet, Tammy Wynette, Barry Manilow and Leon Russell.

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