“Who I am at this moment is a combination of the past, present and a dreamer’s view of an intentional future.

I am acutely passionate and change from day to day based on whether I’m creating or not. I am persistent that change is a permanent word in my vocabulary.

Growth is continual whether I slip or move forward. Either way if I am fortunate, and aware, I continue to learn.  Consciousness takes work, rest and self-awareness while and before the slip and forward.

What is important is that I am here today and the message you hear is meant be heard from the person I am today.

Social movements exist through many factions. Some people choose to stay where they are and become change agents through their home base. Others are wanderers, bridge makers, sparks who inspire and encourage consciousness, healers who move on to the next town, the next life.

I have been reluctant to acknowledge the roles assigned to me, although I know I am the latter, a wandering bridge maker, Medicine Woman. Acceptance of my earthly self and the soul that moved into this vessel is sensitive at best. I am destined to start anew each day, placing one foot in front of the other and moving forward to make that mile walked. And then start again.

What is also important is that we are here now, a river of people taking another step and making choices.”