Leslie D. Judd, composer

Leslie D. Judd, Composer  – Studio L7

Leslie D. Judd, composer and singer-songwriter, started composing at age 12, and began her career as a touring musician in the 70s. Long committed to creating performance opportunities for women performers and composers, Leslie worked with Kay Gardner to co-found the New England Women’s Symphony in Boston in the early 70’s, and shaped and produced the Classical Women’s Music Series at NWMF in Bloomington, from 1980-1990, along with Kaia Skaggs, Rebecca Kite, and Lea Pearson. She was the project manager for Kay’s Ouroboros: Seasons of Life—Women’s Passages, at NWMF in 1994. Currently Leslie is Co-Producer and Treasurer for the NWMF, as well as Special Projects & Orchestra Producer. Her prime objective in music is to enhance Peace, Wellness, and Harmony.

  • Composition

  • Music engraving & editing

  • Score preparation services for publishers & composers

  • Choral, chamber & orchestral arrangements

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