This sentiment remains:

I am on a long journey, a vision quest which may never be completed in this lifetime. None the less, I must write like I must breathe, being one of many. I have traveled with winds on wings of time, coming, mostly leaving, seldom lighting upon solid ground. I have passed through many lives - yours and mine. I have always held each soul's memory near and dear, remaining close at heart and in mind.

This soul is a synthesis of life and death and life - the whole. Soundscapes and notes always returning to music, the one comfort and catharsis which keeps me walking upon this earth.

  • Specialties

  • Composition: Orchestral and Experiential
  • Songwriting and Arranging
  • Music Engraving
  • Sound Design
  • Audio Engineering
  • Stage Management
  • Music Publishing
  • Performer more in earlier yeas than now - working my way back
  • Current Work

  • Eye of the Storm for Piano Audio
  • Offertory for Harp, English Horn & Oboe
  • Walking Lake Phalen
  • Two Eagles Dancing for 2 Oboes or 2 Flutes
  • Two Violins Offering Peace
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The 2018 National Women’s Music Festival (NWMF) visit

Music engraving is the art of drawing music notation at high quality for the purpose of mechanical reproduction. The term music copying is almost equivalent—though music engraving implies a higher degree of skill and quality, usually for publication."

Featured Services and Releases

Sheet music engraving & editing; Score preparation services for publishers & composers; Midi mockup & orchestral arrangements. Arrangements for small ensembles (brass, strings, woodwinds, guitars etc.) and orchestras.
©1986 Leslie D. Judd, composer ASCAP
Cat# A1986003
Two Eagles Dancing for 2 Oboes or 2 Flutes
Concert Organizer

Experiential Video with Original Composition Music

Composer, Concert Organizer and Musical Coordinator, Leslie D. Judd... A journey into composition and creative musical adventures about women in America.